Writing Rules

The articles should be written as 1 line spaced and justified in the MS Word program with  Times New Roman 11 Punto. The page structure should be A4; 2 cm from the right, 2 cm from the left, 2 cm from the top and 2cm from the lower edges. The spacing at the beginning of paragraphs is 1.25 cm and the space between paragraphs must be 0 before and  6 nk after.

The general structure of the article is as follows: Article name, Turkish abstract, Turkish keywords, English name of the article, English abstract, English keywords, full text, inserts and bibliography. Articles, papers, thesis etc. This situation must be shown by giving a footnote. On the second page, the title of the article should be rewritten. Abstracts, keywords, abstracts and keywords should be on the second page. Keywords must be at least two and at most five. Keywords should be used between keywords, keywords should not be given numbers. The main text of the article should start from the third page.

The main headings in the text should be written left, capitalized and bold. The second level titles should be written in bold, bold and only the first letters of the words should be capitalized. The third-level titles should also be left-justified and bold but only the first letter of the first words should be capitalized. Lettering and numbering should not be done. The spelling character in the table must be 8 points. Source; Under the figure and table 10 Punto should be written as in the bibliography and the page number should be specified.